Wedding halls in Verona

Wedding halls in Verona

June 17, 2016 Articoli

Hello everybody! I know you haven’t heard from me for a long time and I’m so sorry, but I’m looking  for some new and fresh ideas for you! Let’s start today with the most beautiful Wedding halls in Verona: The house of Juliet, The Palace of the Ragione, Barbieri Palace and Museum of Frescoes!

The house of Juliet:

This is the main room inside the house; imagine it full of flowers, guests and the magic of the strings!

casa di giulietta interno 3casa di giulietta interno

The Palace of the Ragione:

You can find it  between Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori. The Notaries’ Chapel, the most prestigious and decorated room in the Palace is situated on the first floor and it is where the wedding ceremony usually takes place. For this room, access is allowed for no more than 40 people.


Tpalazzo della ragione 6 palazzo della ragione 3 palazzo della ragione 4 palazzo della ragione 5


Palazzo Barbieri:

Also known as te City Hall, it’ s a Neoclassical building next to the Arena in Piazza Brà. The Sala Arazzi, Tapestry room is located on the main floor of the Palace!

palazzo barbieri 1palazzo barbieri 2palazzo barbieri 3


Museum of Frescoes:

It stands inside the area of a monasterial complex called San Francesco al Corso and it is where you can find Juliet’s Tomb. In a vaulted room, inside the crypt under the Church lays an empty, simple sarcophagus made of red Verona Marble. It is believed to be the grave where Juliet rested after she drank the poison.  The Guarienti Room is  another  fascinating hall of this complex dedicated to everlasting love, where many civil marriages take place.

tomba giulietta 4 sala guarienti tomba giulietta 2 tomba giulietta 5





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